Coming Of The Light to Mer Island
The Coming of Christianity to Mer Island in Australia, and the subsequent growth of faith (English and Meriam).
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Zulai Wan - July 1
Determination and Identity
Every member of the Erub community has a certain role to undertake in the preparation of a communal feast. It is more than just an event that brings the comm...
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Kup Mari
Patty Mills 1 on 1 interview twitter - @KevyTV For more info on the "For My People" documentary go to For mo...
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Mau Power Island Home - Official Music Video
Island Home is the first single from Mau Power's new album on iTunes: Available March 21st ...
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Tagai Buway - 'Two Worlds'
This production was written, recorded and filmed over 5 days as a collaboration with Desert Pea Media and young people from Thursday Island in the Torres Str...
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John Oxley Library Fellow 2011 - Heidi Gibson
Heidi Gibson was the 2011 John Oxley Library Fellowship recipient. Ms Gibson’s project, Border ties, looks at the impact of Papua New Guinea’s independence on…
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I-Tracker Forum 2012: Frank Nona
The 2012 NAILSMA I-Tracker Forum was held at Mary River Park NT Australia 2-4 October 2012. Frank Nona Land and Sea Ranger, Badu Island, Torres Strait Ranger…
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Environment - Caring for Country
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