Sensational Kids – Tyus Arndt – Singer
You may know Tyus as the face of the ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ Qantas advertisement. His sensational voice has seen him skyrocket to stardom and meet some of…
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The People
Making the Spirit Visible - Ricardo Idagi
Torres Strait Islander sculptor Ricardo Idagi undertook a residency sponsored by Australia Council at the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, September 15 – October…
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Arts and Crafts
Taba naba.mp4
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Eastern Dancing
Military - Sarpeye Dancers
Now that israel is a state can it have it is own military? can hamas become their official military? What if youre 42 and you just retired from the military?...
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Military - Sarpeye Dancers
Voices from the Armchair: Aunty Pamela Mam for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Voices from the armchair are a series of films that aim to promote discussion on the Australian Federal Government's defined 'Special Needs Groups'. The term...
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Sydney Opera House. Star Dance from Moa Island - St.Pauls Community. Created by Dennis Newie & Elma Kris. Performed by Naisda Dancers.
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Western Dancing
Torres Strait Volleyball Carnival
21.01.13. Location: St. Paul's Community, Moa Island - Torres Strait.
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Coming Of The Light PART 3.mp4
Coming Of The Light Celebrating the arrival of the Gospel to the Torres Strait by the london Missionary Society on Darnley Erub Island
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Zulai Wan - July 1
Coming Of The Light PART 2.mp4
Celebrations of the arrival of the Gospel to the Torres Straits on Darnley /Erub Island
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Zulai Wan - July 1
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