Irwarpaup ft. Tamyok -- 'Small Island Big Fight'
Pre-Order the album 'Song Nation Volume 1' NOW and get FREE download of 'Built to Last' by Cairns Murri Crew. https://www...
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BushTV- In Conversation with Gail Mabo
BushTV - In Conversation with Gail Mabo about being an artist and on recognition
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Their Place and Stories
BushTV - In Conversation with Seaman Dan
Seaman Dan on Recognition, Collaboration and Equality.
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The People
BushTV Untold Stories - GEORGIA LEE
Recognising the profound contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made to Australia. Produced for the Recognise campaign appearing on t...
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Dauma & Garom Animation Subtitled (Computer)
The animation of Dauma & Garom demonstrates the successful collaboration of the art centre, school, community, external specialists and the support of our funding…
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Short Films
Zagedth matha
Bala Rion latest
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A glimpse at the Torres Strait Islander Exhibition which was on earlier in the year.
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Arts and Crafts
Darnley Island Flags Up for my Island
Awesome song from our great friends at Darnley Island
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Wa Kei Baged
Ladies island dance Erub
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Eastern Dancing
Kaizi's Traditional Coconut Oil
Indigenous Job Connections (IJC) has been actively involved in helping local Torres Strait Islander, Robert (Kaizi) Gutchen develop his own family run, small...
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Traditional Medicines
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