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Coconut Leaf Woven Fish
Please note the story used to develop the fish made out of coconut leaves is my story. If you wish to use the story please acknowledge me ~ Marion Healy
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Arts and Crafts
Mer Island Fish Traps
The power of the sea is central to Meriam life and culture. While the Meriam gained sustenance from their food gardens, they also "farmed" the sea; they buil...
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Traditional Hunting & Fishing
A small fish (Tup)
Fishes/Poissons/דגים COLLECTED BY DR A.C. HADDON from Murray Island, Torres Straits After this figure you can do the spider Après cette figure vous pouvez fa...
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Arts and Crafts
Literacy and Numeracy - Laura speaks in English and Kriol (Australian Creole language)
Laura, a mother of eight, first learnt literacy and numeracy skills by counting fish, shells, seeds and making beads in the Torres Strait. Laura explains tha...
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